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Canon's productivity-enhancing CD-4070NW speeds up your workflow

The Canon
CD-4070NW, within one convenient package you can enjoy the benefits of advanced features such as rapid scanning in colour, bland and white and grey scale, recording of scanned documents onto CD-Rs and a built-in archive, which can be quickly searched with a web browser. All with simple touch panel operation - and at a remarkably competitive price.


  • Fast Scanning including colour. Scanning speeds for black and white images range up to 42 pages per minute in Simplex mode and 85 images per minute in Duplex mode.
  • Reliable Feeding, Diverse Imaging. Benefit from high productivity on any task thatnks to Canon's high precision paper feeding mechanism.
  • Searchable PDF Files. When scanning documents as PDF files, you can apply OCR and have the entire text embedded in the file, enabling you to search for all pages and even specific words.
  • Touch Panel - a high resolution, 8.4 inch touch panel brings true simplicity to every operation.
  • Rapid CD-R Recording. 52x read/write capabilities and track at once writing ensure that your CD-Rs can be read on a wide range of CD drives and enables continuous scanning operation with no interruption during processing.
  • Covenient Configuration - Documents can be organised into cabinets and folders for easy filing and fast retrieval, with the added convenience of being able to save configurations as templates for re-use on subsequent CD-Rs.
  • Scan to Networked PC - Several advanced network functions make life easier. When linked to your office network the CD-4070NW can be used to scan documents to a network folder, allowing documents to be shared without having to be recorded to a CD-R.
  • Remote Search and Retrieval - Using a simple web browser interface, network users can search, view, and download documents stored on the hard disc drive. Searches by the Full Text Search Engine are lightning fast, with files searchable by keyword, file name, file type, date, directory, or any word in the text.

Click here to download the Canon product brochure (PDF)

Warranty Information

Includes one year On-Site Next Business Day warranty.


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