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MDS Workflow - Document Workflow using high speed scanners.

MDS Workflow Introduction

MDS Workflow is a fully featured, easy to use, multi-user document management system.

MDS Workflow will help you become more productive and efficient by taking over the management of all aspects of your incoming and outgoing correspondence, whilst providing management with comprehensive workload statistics.

Documents are introduced to the Workflow system by a document scanner, electronic fax or e-mail. These incoming documents are given a reference number (and any other required criteria) and then routed to a mailbox.

All documents with the same reference number will appear in the same folder, with each document uniquely identified by it's date of scanning and document type.

Each user can view their own mailbox, and the mailboxes of any colleague who is the same team or department.

Any number of users can view the same document at the same time, and there are no more instances of a misplaced or lost file.

During the active life of a folder, the Workflow system will allow you to create standard reply letters or forms to be sent to your customer.

These letters will be automatically customised with your customer's details and your own reference and reply particulars.

Note. By using standard (pre-defined) letters, your organisation provides a consistent image to your customer independent of who actually creates the letter.

In addition, you are also able to log the details of any incoming or outgoing phone conversation (or counter call).

At any time, you can alter the status of a folder, to give a visual indication to yourself and anyone else the current state (I.e. awaiting reply from customer).

Whenever an action is performed in the Workflow system, the details are stored in a Transaction History.

The Transaction History for any folder can be readily viewed, allowing another member of your staff to quickly become familiar with the previous activities.

All items in the history can be viewed in summary or detailed form.

System Features

  • Incoming post and faxes are electronically routed to users's workflow mailboxes.
  • Significantly reduces paper in the office, and eliminates paperwork and files on desks.
  • No more lost files.
  • Answer telephone queries instantly - no need to call back.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces photocopier costs.
  • Allows two or more people to share the same file or document (even over LAN or WAN).
  • Eliminates trips to filing cabinets and photocopiers.
  • Provides instant access to previous account history.
  • Full transaction recording.
  • Allows Charter Standards to be achieved.

Workflow Features

  • Managers can instantly see team and/or user workloads.
  • Displays complete transaction history for both current and archived documents.
  • View multiple image simultaneously.
  • Users can easily share work, and view colleagues' previous actions.
  • Links with word processor to automatically create outgoing documents or forms with addressee and sender details filled in.
  • Logs incoming / outgoing telephone calls.
  • Documents can be copied to other teams or individuals, for information only or for actioning.
  • Flexible search facilities.
  • Fast printing of images over network.
  • Displays user mailboxes sorted by teams and / or date.
  • Supervisors can search for a specific transaction by a specific user.
  • Users can specify their own font sizes and font colours.
  • Multiple windows can be cascaded or tiled.
  • Users can be granted 'search only' access.
  • Customisable management reports.

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